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Activation of free of charge announcement

For the sake of protecting our clients and maintaining the authenticity of our listings, we ask you to identify yourself per SMS-Login before submitting your announcement.
This helps max-immo.ch prevent fraudulent use and enables us to control the quality of our announcements.

1 Please enter your mobile number and request a verification code.
2 We will send you an SMS with the verification code.
3 After entering the verification code, you can submit a free announcement.

In case if you do not have a mobile: Please call us at regular business hours on 044 500 35 65

Thank you for your understanding,
Your MAX-IMMO Team

Your phone number (Mobile):

For Agencies

You are a company and have a number of real estate objects to advertise? You are welcomed to submit many real estate announcements at Max-Immo. To proceed this, please require a permanent code from office@max-immo.ch. Please do not forget to mention your telephone number in your message for our feedback. Thank you.
Your phone number (Mobile):
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