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Frequently Asked Questions - For Rent

  • How come is it absolutely free of charge for me?
    Our service is completely free of charge for those who are looking for a tenant, as our registered candidates are paying us a subtle amount of commission fee.

  • How long will my ad remain online?
    The duration of your free of charge ad is 15 days.

  • What happens after the 15 days of publication?
    If you haven't found a relevant tenant within the first 15 publication days and you wish to prolong your ad, we send you per email a reactivation-link. As soon as you confirm the reactivation-link, your ad will be republished for the next free of charge 10 publication days. After deactivation of the advert, the files to the ad will be closed, without any subsequent charges.

  • How can I publish my ad free of charge on Homegate through Max-Immo?
    As soon as you place a free ad at Max-Immo, our software will transfer the listing data automatically to Homegate.

  • What happens if I find a tenant by myself?
    If you find a tenant on your own, through your own activities, no charges will be incurred, our service is non-binding.

  • Is my data privacy protected?
    Your private contacts, as well as the exact object address will not be published for privacy reasons, this will be communicated exclusively to the verified, registered applicants. This excludes the risk of data usage though spammers.

  • What kind of ads are permitted to place at MAX-IMMO?
    All kind of rental offers in Switzerland: apartments, houses, rooms, long-term vacation objects, parking spaces and business premises.

  • Are temporary rentals also allowed to be advertised?
    Properties to sublet with a period of min. 3 months are allowed. Rentals on hourly, daily and weekly basis are not allowed (for example, vacation properties, commercial or business premises to rent for hours, a day, or week)

  • Am I bound by contract with Max-Immo?
    Our services are non-binding and non-exclusive.

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