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 Legal Instructions

The present Website “MAX-IMMO.CH. REAL ESTATE AGENCY (brokerage). Rental and Sale” (hereinafter referred to as “MAX-IMMO.CH”) is a service of MAX-IMMO Ltd. It serves exclusively the information purposes, advertising of property, or correspondent purchase- or exchange search and use through the recipients.

With access of this Website and its sites (hereinafter referred to as “MAX-IMMO.CH”) declares the user to be agreed with the following conditions:

General Conditions:

Rights of author, supplier and other protected rights:
All the rights of MAX-IMMO components, especially the rights of author and supplier are the rights of MAX-IMMO Ltd, until other is not stipulated. The loading or printing of certain sites and/or MAX-IMMO.CH content will be allowed, if through the Copyright-notice some other legally protected designations should be withdrawn. Hereupon no rights should be valid. Full or partial reproduction, transmission, changing, linking or using of MAX-IMMO.CH for public or technical purposes, with the exception of linking the content by commercial providers, need the written confirmation of MAX-IMMO Ltd.


No Assurance and Guarantee:
MAX-IMMO Ltd. does not guarantee for rightness of data given in the offer. No effective claims against the MAX-IMMO Ltd. could be filed. By the use of MAX-IMMO.CH these conditions should be recognized by provider and user. The whole information on MAX-IMMO.CH can be changed at any time and without advance notification. Announcements and purchase and sale search information can be obliterated without advance notification. The MAX-IMMO Ltd. bears no responsibility for technical access of MAX-IMMO.CH. Any responsibility of MAX-IMMO Ltd. for damages caused to the provider as a result of insufficient or default access of Internet Website should be excluded. That could be as a result of the following:

  • transfer error;
  • engineering (technical) deficiency;
  • overload;
  • interruptions (including the system-defined standby);
  • failure (interference);
  • illegal encroachment;
  • premeditated blackout of telecommunications facilities and net;
  • or on the ground of arisen inaccessibility by telecommunications facilities

and net’s operative.


Responsibility exclusion:
MAX-IMMO Ltd. bears no responsibility for any loss, direct or indirect damages, as well as for consequential loss, that could be arisen from or in connection with access of MAX-IMMO.CH, its registration as well as announcement by user or third party.


Links on other Websites:
Through the activation of certain links on the MAX-IMMO.CH the MAX-IMMO.CH will be left under the circumstances. MAX-IMMO Ltd. is not obligated to carry out the control of MAX-IMMO.CH linked sites and bears no responsibility for its content, as well as for offers in it. The network providing to the linked Websites remains on its risk and responsibility.


The usage of the advertisement data by the third party:
The MAX-IMMO.CH ads can be commonly accessible throughout the world web. The web search machines may retrieve the MAX-IMMO.CH ad databank. The usage and publishing of the ad data/content through the third party (for example, real estate- search machines) on the other websites cannot be excluded.


Instructions for information security:
All personal data and information transmitted to MAX-IMMO.CH while contacting us (website/forms/email), is strictly protected according to strong security directions. Only the unsolicited data, given by them may be available. If you offer us property to brokerage, or if you search property, only the property data should be published on Internet-sites, no personal data about the providers or searcher will be exposed. You have the right to withdraw the publishing of your offered or searched property at any time.

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