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Frequently Asked Questions - Sale

  • Are there going to occur any subsequent costs for me?
    All expenses incurred from mediation activities of MAX-IMMO (administrative costs, advertisements) will be to 100% covered by MAX-IMMO - this is due also in case, if we might not be able to find a suitable buyer.

  • Will I be charged for the performed services of MAX-IMMO?
    No, there will not be any subsequent costs or final service charging. Also for the potential buyers our service remains 100% free of charge. We cover all the performed activity expenses on our own. Only in case of a successful mediation, our agreed commission fee will be due, no other service costs.

  • Will there be any influence on my decision on who I want to sell the property?
    The freedom of your decision will not be interfered. You make the final decision on who you whish to sell your property.

  • Any interference in pricing of the property?
    We represent the property for sale on the basis of the pricing which you communicate us. If you decide to change the price, will will modify it and inform the interested applicants of the updated price.

  • How does the contact with the interested applicants take place?
    We keep you informed of each interested applicant and communicate your contact data to the serious applicants for contacting you. If a certain applicant is already known to you from another source, or you have already had contact with him, you should notify us of this. In this case, the applicant will no longer be regarded as mediated by us in case if he becomes the final buyer of your property.

  • What is the special achievement and key performance of Max-Immo?
    We maintain mandates from a large network of real-estate seekers, for who we search relevant properties and inform daily of suitable offers.

  • How Max-Immo finds the potential buyers?
    Together with the publication of the real-estate ads we research more than 350 internet portals and newspapers with the aim to find search-request ads from persons who are looking for certain properties to buy. We contact these applicants and offer them corresponding alternatives from our portfolio. Therefore, we spare your time from wasting it on researching numerous request applications in Internet and newspapers.

  • What is the contact deadline? How can I recall my agreement?
    As our service is free for you, without any fixed contractual engagement, you may continue your searches for a buyer on your own. You pay us only if the final buyer was mediated by us. You may cancel your agreement any time, you just inform us of this. However, if after your withdrawal the property is being sold to the candidate offered from our side, the agreed commission fee will be due.
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